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It is possible to encounter: EMVI, REACH and RAW.

EMVI can be determined in three ways:

Best value for money (best PKV): this is the criterion "economically most advantageous tender 'as it was set out in the Public Procurement Act in 2012.

Lowest cost on the basis of cost (lowest KBK) in addition to the purchase price of a product is also taken into account a different cost criterion, such as the costs associated with the entire life cycle of a product.

Lowest price (LP): Only the purchase price is determined.

REACH is a European regulation of chemicals (except for radioactive materials and waste). The abbreviation stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. These substances have risks to humans and the environment.
Therefore, there may be restrictions while using these substances.

RAW specification system is a system of legal, administrative and technical conditions to be used in the Netherlands for assembling contracts in the civil engineering sector (GWW). The acronym RAW stands for Rationalization and Automation Soil, Water and Road Construction.
The system as a whole - the RAW system - forms the basis for making Infra specifications according to a standardized, uniform procedure. RAW is considered the most important standard specifications in the civil engineering sector and has been used for over thirty years for construction projects in the Netherlands.

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