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Looking for a suitable test? This is something Zandleven Engineering could arrange.

Looking for a test according to a specific ISO standard. The following chart shows a few of the tests that can be performed. If you are you looking for a combination of tests because your object needs to withstand extreme conditions? That's no problem, we will work with you to choose the right amount and combination of tests. A number of these tests are also suitable for use on location, for example: measuring a Dry Film Thickness, measuring Gloss or performing a Adhesion pulloff (Dolly test).
Description: Standard: Description: Standard:
Abrasion Resistance by Taber Abraser ASTM D 6040- 90 EIS testing ISO 16773                                  
Adhesion CrossCut ISO 2409 Fineness ISO 1524
Adhesion PullOff ISO 4624 Gloss ISO 2813
Adhesion X-cut ISO 16276-2 Hot service ISO 3248 
Bend test (Cylindrical Mandrel) ISO 1519 Immersion  ISO 2812-1
Buchholz indentation ISO 2815 Impact Resistance ISO 6272-1 / 6272-2
Cathodic Disbonding ISO 15711 König Hardness ISO 1522
CCT ISO 20340 Outdoor Exposure ISO 2810
Chalking ISO 4628-6 Pencil hardness ISO 15184
Cleanliness ISO 8501-1    
Color Analysis ISO 7724-3    
Condens  ISO 6270-2 QUV (UVA-340) with solar eye ISO 16474-3
Condensation - dew point ISO 8502-4    
Contrast ratio ISO 2814 QUV (UVB-313) with solar eye ISO 16474-3
    Roughness ISO 8503-4
Cupping ISO 1520 Salt spray  ISO 9227
    Solids ISO 3251
Density ISO 2811-1 Soluble salt ISO 8502-9
Dry Film Thickness ISO 2808    
Drying test using mechanical recorder ISO 9117-4 Viscosity  ISO 2884-2
Dust ISO 8502-3