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Your entire project can be guided from A to Z, from corrosion-conscious design with a long-term maintenance plan.

The Zandleven Group has years of experience in the coating industry. Working and testing in the field with architects, specifiers and governments.

Coating Selection
Researching, evaluating and selecting the right products to achieve a system that covers the customer requirements.

Technical Support
Our experienced staff will guide the process with the required parameters and help guarantee the quality of the project.

This is a technical service of the Zandleven Group.
The inspection plan shall be prepared in advance. Inspections can take place at:
- The pretreatment
- The installation
- On site, during and after application of the coating system
- As part of the multi-annual inspection plan for maintenance and repair

Problems & Solutions
Conducting damage assessment often takes place on site, but can also be extended with laboratory research.
Here the components Inspections and Tests come together in order to determine the cause of the problem and to help formulate the correct solution.

Increasing Service Life & Maintenance
To keep the coated object functional as long as possible, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections.
Procedures can be drafted that respond to the intended service life of the coating system and help achieve the maximum lifetime.
The program may also provide formulations of preventive measures such as regular cleaning, measuring dry layer thickness etc.
The short- and long-term maintenance plan can als be drafted if warranty is required.