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Important for the design is corrosion-conscious design and the associated coating selection.

When formulating a coatingsystem a number of parameters can be used such as:

- Project specifications
- Substrate type
- Formulation for the type of load
- Environmental factors
- ISO 12944-5
- Pre-treatment
- Technical requirements
- Aesthetic requirements
- functionality
- Duration of expected protection

A coatingadvice is often tailor made, especially if there are guarantees to be issued.

It may happen that in certain situations, a new type or modified coating has to be developed.

Before new and modified products are placed on the market, they will be extensively tested in accordance with applicable ISO standards.

In addition, these products and / or systems can also be tested independently.

The Zandleven Group already has a series of approvals such as KIWA, TenneT and Shell.